Leopold Gallery / Drew Hine Blown-Glass Installation at Sprint Center

Sprint 1

Last week the Big 12 Championship was held at Sprint Center in KC. My crew and I installed this glass sculpture there in 2007–brilliant glass work by Drew Hine.


















Hundreds of thousands of people see the piece each year, which brings many new clients to the gallery via our marketing. Believe me, our artists count on us to get that right.


If you want to learn more about how we land these commissions and ensure that our artists benefit, just refer to my book.

New Article for Professional Artist

Pro Artist1

Pro Artist2

My most recent article for Professional Artist Magazine is out in the April/May Issue. This time I address how to negotiate, how to keep it fun, and how especially how to get what you deserve for your work while still treating your clients fairly. I’ve been negotiating with clients for 24 years, so you might say I have a bit of experience.  It’s quite a spread if you want to check it out.

Bonne Chance!