New Art for Kauffman Stadium

Kansas City Royals had me out last week to discuss new art to celebrate last year’s brilliant season, which of course culminated in the World Series. So what did Denny and I do after? Went to the batting cages of course.



Smacked about 100 pitches in Super Fast. We both hit too many fouls but we have all season to correct that. God I do love it. It will all lead to great art.

Webinar on How To Use Social Media Effectively


While my staff and I don’t tend to obsess over Social Media, we have learned how to make it very effective. It’s brought us new clients from all over the world, helped us to promote new artists, and helped me raise funds for my educational foundation. So yes it can be great or a waste of time, depending on how you utilize it.

Here’s a webinar on the subject that I recently conducted for The Artist’s Network. Yep, the pup sat in too.