Landing Commissions for Artists

Lobdell Sculpture
I’ve lost track of how many commissions I’ve landed for painters and sculptors over the last 20 years. By now it’s over 200. How did I do this? Simple. Never-ending, day-in, day-out persistence. If one client say says No, I go to twenty-five others. Whatever it takes. Does this mean long hours? Hell yes, but as I get older the payoff keeps getting better for all of us, and the hours are scaling back.

I detail how to do all this in the book. You can find excerpts online or just buy it. It’s cheap enough. Here’s the link to the book’s site.
Lobdell, Detail
If you ever have questions, you can email me at the gallery:

This sculpture is by William Lobdell, created for the Overland Park Convention Center. Note all the cool found objects.