Opening for Paseo Academy Kids at Inergy


Took the kids from Paseo Academy on a field trip last fall, exploring the MO River. Last week Inergy LP, a great supporter of the school, hosted the show that was inspired by the trip.


Can you see the subtle pride?  Of course the kids are digging on how their works look installed, and but also looking to see what had sold thus far. Plenty. Grand day, made possible by the hard work of teachers Pamela Sahl and Anthony High.


Sorry about the lack of focus.  Guess someone needs photography lessons.  I bought one of these ceramic pieces, which really are grand.  Better photos next time.


Well, it looks like Kansas won’t be the only state without an arts commission after all.  This story in the Star says it all. 

 Lightning Strike.jpg

Time to celebrate. Thanks to everyone from both parties who helped bring about this enlightened result.  You saved both jobs and culture.  Bloody well done!

Leopold Gallery Charitable Foundation


We established this Foundation to assist deserving artists at Paseo, Lincoln Prep and Sumner Academies.  Someone always needs help, and these kids have sure earned it.  Our gig is sponsored by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation.   


My clients are throwing money in the pot, helping us pay for art supplies, field trips, and scholarships.  How cool is that?


If you feel like assisting, no matter what amount, here’s the link.  All donations are tax-deductible, for which you’ll receive documentation.  The kids thank you.  So do I.