Ed Pennebaker Blows Glass

Ed 1.jpg

Good old Ed Pennebaker in the midst of blowing 320 pieces for a huge hanging glass sculpture that we’ve designed.

 Ed 2.jpg

Piece will be installed in May.

 Ed 3.jpg

Who for?  Ah, that’s a secret.

 Ed 4.jpg

Here’s the rest of Ed’s crew, as some of these pieces are rather complex and require several hands.  Note Buddy the Jack Russell. Team leader.

Arlie Regier’s Last Monumental Sculpture


I’ve been representing Arlie for 20 years, and what an honor that has been.  Not only is he a great guy, I’ve placed his work with Warner Brothers, the Boston Museum, H&R Block, and a slew of private collectors.  This is his last monumental piece, which is stirring interest by both local and national collectors.  Expect to place it soon.


The only thing I can’t believe is that he’s officially retired.  We had a great ride, but man did the time go?

Florida Alligators


Was in the Everglades last month, digging on the peace, the water, the insane variety of wildlife, and of course the alligators.

 Gators 2.JPG

Every notice how they always seem to be smiling?

Saving the Kansas Arts Commission


There’s currently a movement to eliminate state funding for the KS Arts Commission, cutting $574,642 from the budget, thus losing $1.2 million in matching funds.  This would make KS the only state to not have an arts commission.


All of us have worked too hard for too many decades in the arts to tolerate this, even in a recession.  If you agree, please go to this link and sign the petition.  It only takes a second, but will work toward reversing this misguided policy.

The abolitionists who founded our state–under conditions of unspeakable violence and sacrifice–were educated people who never intended for it to be culturally deprived.  Neither do we.