Though he was embattled, attacked, and criticized for most of his life, to me these words will always ring true: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?'” What he did, and gave, still blows me away.

Key West Last Week


We were in Key West last week.  Here two of my sons are on Duval Street, preparing to explore the town.  Naturally they read Hemingway while there.


This is after snorkeling for a couple of hours on the coral reef. Barracuda, dolphins, sea turtles, every type of tropical fish, and coral like a rainbow.  Too exotic to describe.  Scuba next time.


 Smathers Beach, for which they imported the white sand.


Zachary Taylor Beach, which we preferred.  All told it was a grand way to start the new year–while trying to recover from the three years of overwork that the recession has brought to so many of us.  Well not only have we survived, we’ve prospered.  Now it’s time to share some of that with those less fortunate.

Article in 435 South Magazine


435 South showed curiosity in the gallery and all we’ve done over the past 20 years.  So they were kind enough to do this article, by Kimberly Stern.  Very nice of them.  It’s been a long road and many late nights, but a much easier gig now than in 1991. Thankfully I’ve had great help and artists, great friends, and especially a great woman along the way. 


They included this shot of the piece we did to memorialize Bart Cohen.  Pierced Sky, it’s by Matt Kirby.  Yeah, we’ve had some exceptional commissions over the years.  And the best are about to come.  Think I’ll go to Key West to celebrate.