Reilly Hoffman Sculpture for Saint Luke’s Hospital


We awarded this commission last spring to Reilly Hoffman, a local sculptor who works in flame-textured steel.  He titled the piece Empatheia, and of course this maquette reflects the design.  The monumental version will be installed at the hospital this month.

I love giving emerging artists a break, especially those who are as talented, and work as hard, as Reilly.

Lobdell Installation for Kauffman Stadium

Lobdell 1.jpg

The Royals approached me last spring about doing something grand for their main lobby. I suggested an abstracted interpretation of the stadium by William Lobdell, a KCAI grad.

Lobdell 2.JPG

They invited us to a game, we drank a few beers, brainstormed, and William set to work.

 Lobdell 3.JPG

What resulted was this epic piece he made out of 1000 found objects, sculpted wood, metal, baseball equipment, etc.  My contribution?  A couple of beer bottle caps.

Paseo Academy Field Trip

Took these young artists for a day of art exploration along the MO River recently, ably assisted by teachers Anthony High and Pamela Sahl. Call it a walking history lesson.


One of the old barge warves, dating back about 100 years.


Some dude yacking about history, art and the river.


Wonderful composition by one of the students.


Get off the freaking statue. By the way, who was York?


Group shot at end of journey. Hey, where’s the art consultant?