New Book Deal for Artist’s Life

Book Cover 2.jpg

I’ve been fortunate enough to land a publishing deal with Unbridled Books, a literary press often praised by the NY Times, Times of London, LA Times, etc.  They’re putting out the updated version of Living the Artist’s Life, which is now far more comprehensive than the original.   Tour begins in May.

This authoritatively supports what we’ve accomplished in the arts over the past 20 years.  It also validates the Regional Renaissance theories behind all that.  The screenwriting honor from the Academy was nice, but like most films, that one has yet to be produced.  This is far better.  Might even open the door to my novels.  Well, that would be nice.


Man, am I grateful.  Publishing party in spring, inferior champagne on me.

Sprint Center Install

Sprint 1.jpg

We installed this enormous glass sculpture at Sprint Center a couple of years back. Drew Hine and Tom Bloyd blew it; Ed Tranin and I designed it.  300 plates, 3000 lbs.

 Sprint 2.jpg

Recently Sprint asked us to clean the piece, we said Sure, and I sent a crew to do the job. Me? I just showed up to buy coffee.  Robert Cohen, an exceptional photographer based in LA, took the photos.

 Sprint 3.jpg

Move-In Day at KU


Brown Eyes and me with our sons after they moved in for the fall semester, couple of weeks ago.  Those buttheads better focus more on studies and sports than beer-drinking and girl-chasing.  In other words, I’m hoping they’ll be more disciplined than my friends and I were in college. 

Fat chance.