Empty Lobby at St. Luke’s Hospital


See this flying stairway?  It’s at Saint Luke’s Mid-America Heart Institute.  See all the empty space around it?  That will be finished by this time next summer, when MAHI opens.  Now the question is, what will we do, artwise, to help make it sing.  Oh I’ve a few ideas.  Will divulge them by and by.

John Preston’s Landscapes


We’ll begin carrying John Preston’s work this fall.  Magnificent painter from Iowa.  Notice how the tones of this piecee have parallels to those of Millet.  Only a master can pull that off.  What I love best about it is that the scenes are set in the Midwest.

Jackson Browne Concert


Concert last night at Starlight with Brown Eyes. The coolest it got was 92, but the beer was cold, the music grand, and the company grander.  Band still rocks, and David Lindley of course remains a legend.  Some sideburns.

Installation for BKD, LLP

_DSC6077 - Version 2.jpg

Chaos Into Order, Drew Hine (photo, Robert Cohen)

Here’s a better shot of the blown-glass sculpture we recently installed for the new Kansas City offices of BKD.  “We” means I basically sipped coffee and gave directives while my sons worked. Sure love it when the kids grow up.  Drew Hine blew the piece; I designed it.  Other works below.


 Walnut Looking South, Allen Chow


Primary Yellow, Warren Rosser


Deconstructed Abacus, Matt Kirby


Sin Titulo II, Miguel Rivera


 9th and Baltimore, William Lobdell