The California Coast


My sons and I went surfing last week at Bolinas, just north of San Francisco.  Exceptional day with exceptional views, smooth rollers, and beautifully cold water.


By day’s end everyone was pulling off 100-yard rides.


Even the old man.

Now we’re ready for the big waves at Santa Cruz.  That’ll be this fall, just in time for when the Great Whites return to feed.  My sons claim they’re going to show me how it’s really done then.  Yeah.  We’ll see.

Also installed a lot of art in Napa while out there.  Details later.

Glass Sculpture for BKD, LLP


Photo, Fred Blocher, Kansas City Star

BKD has moved to new offices in a skycraper on Walnut.  We’ve been working on the art aspects since Nov.  This is the largest piece.  It was blown by Drew Hine, who teamed with me on the design.  That’s good old Joanie Turner dusting it–one of the students I mentor.  During the school year she attends the Penn Academy in Philly–mostly on a hard-earned scholarship.

How is it I’m always surrounded by such fine people?  I’ve yet to figure that out.  Anyway, the Star very kindly did a story on this piece last week.

William Lobdell Commission for Kauffman Stadium


Spent an afternoon at Kauffman Stadium recently with William, Royals execs, and the team owner.  Great clients who dig original art–not very common in the Majors.  They’re commissioning a large wall sculpture for the main lobby.  William and I went to do a little research, attend a game, and gather up some found objects, since he works largely from same.  We were taken all over the park, including down to the clubhouse.  By day’s end he’d begun to work out his concept.  Visionary sculptor, I’ve placed his work with Block, KCP&L, BKD, and a host of private collectors.


That’s William taking the shot, his very kind wife Janell, Beautiful Brown Eyes, some middle-aged guy, and two great sons.  We were given seats behind home plate.  Since I used to coach ball, that meant a lot.  We lost that night to the White Sox, 4-3, though almost came back in the 9th.  However we won the series.

Sculpture will be done in September.  Photos after installation.

Vernon Brejcha in the Kansas City Star


Growth, Blown Glass and Steel, Vernon Brejcha (photo, Kansas City Star)

The Star did an article today on different installations/locales around the city that have been ranked among people’s favorites.  One of those is Growth, the work in blown glass that Vernon designed for the Overland Park Convention Center, and which he and I installed in 2002.  Vernon was ably assisted by Dierk Van Keppel, one of the most talented glass artists in the region. 

I remember going up and down the scaffolding about 100 times while we installed, but mostly I remember the champagne and toasts after.  This was the largest of some 50 works that we commissioned or acquired for the building.