Leopold Featured in Art Race

A British film crew from Illuminations Media contacted me two years ago, asking if I wanted to be on a reality show called Art Race.  Since I’m completely lacking in modesty, I said sure.  The concept involves two artists racing each other across the country, by means of selling or bartering art that they create along the way.  A lot of hitchhiking is involved, and they tend to sleep wherever they can. 

So a film crew showed up with artist Kenny Harris in tow (he was racing painter Ben Sargent), and we began to film the episode.  I understand the series is now airing on Sky Arts.  The producer, Seb Grant, discusses the KC bit here on his blog. 


The painting in process, above, resulted somewhat from my participation.  That’s Kenny executing, and good old Duckie posing (sweet gal who was part of the crew).  It was done at the home of one of my clients, Lee and Claudia Barewin, shown below.  They put up the crew, and commissioned the work.


The Barewins’ generous purchase allowed Kenny to continue his journey to the West Coast.  Did he win the race?  Guess you’ll have to watch the show to find out.  Anyway, I’ve now had my fifteen minutes.  Kenny?  Rather more.

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