Mentoring Program for St. Luke’s


Hired these punks from 3 different high schools to assist Erin Holliday in preparing 3 mobiles for St. Luke’s Hospital.  Erin runs the Mattie Rhodes Art Gallery, and is a sculptor in her own right.  KCAI grad.  The works will be made of copper leaf and dyed fiber sandwiched between sculpted sheets of acrylic. 


The artists came from Paseo, Lincoln Prep and Sumner Academies.  Were they paid for their efforts?  Sure, in pizza.  Well also a little dough, and their names go on the title plaques as apprentices.


The concept kind of looks like this, although the sketch doesn’t indicate color or drama.  The works will be hung beneath a series of large, barrel-vaulted ceilings.


I spent a month working with Erin in developing the concept, though she came up with the utterly brilliant design and process.  I assist on a lot of the projects in this way; always have.  Will my name go on a plaque?  Nay; and it never will.


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