Just finished reading Gonzo, the Life of Hunter S. Thompson.

Jan Wenner of Rolling Stone compiled the interviews that this rather disjointed but comprehensive book is based on.  What a beautiful lunatic–I mean Thompson.  Exemplified all the best and worst of his generation.  Wouldn’t want him around my kids, but would have enjoyed having a beer with him–sans guns.

Health Care Bill Passes


I like it when the good guys win, though in politics that must always be qualified.  Maybe we can now have a real health care system–meaning one that’s not dictacted by the insurance lobby.  The pettiness of the attempts in trying to block this have been nothing short of disgusting, but then stupidity, mated to greed, always is.

Carol Fleming Columns for Private Collector


Carol recently finished these columns in stoneware for the yard of one of my clients.  We’ll install next month.  I know her exceptional work deserves more than these meager words, but I’m in a hurry to get off to the pool, and anyway a picture is worth a thousand words.

Matt Kirby’s Sculpture for K-State


This is Matt’s piece for the School of Leadership Studies–one of 40 works that we’ll be installing.  Title?  Enhanced Differential Theodolite for the Discernment of Leadership Qualities.  Don’t you love short titles?

Can’t tell if the dude looking at it digs it, or can’t stand it.  Pretty sure the former.   Either way, that’s one of the beauties of contemporary art. 

Notice the piece is a bit close to the ceiling.  That will have to be changed, but later.  Right now we’re focusing on getting the rest of the works up. 

Mentoring Program for St. Luke’s


Hired these punks from 3 different high schools to assist Erin Holliday in preparing 3 mobiles for St. Luke’s Hospital.  Erin runs the Mattie Rhodes Art Gallery, and is a sculptor in her own right.  KCAI grad.  The works will be made of copper leaf and dyed fiber sandwiched between sculpted sheets of acrylic. 


The artists came from Paseo, Lincoln Prep and Sumner Academies.  Were they paid for their efforts?  Sure, in pizza.  Well also a little dough, and their names go on the title plaques as apprentices.


The concept kind of looks like this, although the sketch doesn’t indicate color or drama.  The works will be hung beneath a series of large, barrel-vaulted ceilings.


I spent a month working with Erin in developing the concept, though she came up with the utterly brilliant design and process.  I assist on a lot of the projects in this way; always have.  Will my name go on a plaque?  Nay; and it never will.