Thanksgiving Football


Good game.  Lasted an hour, but I’ll not divulge score.  There were a couple of fumbles, several receptions, one sack, no interceptions, and everyone got on the scoreboard.  Tackle, of course.  Several bruises, some banged heads, one cut hand, and a couple of timeouts to allow for recovery–rather like life itself.

Phil Jones and His Fiber Art


Greener Pastures, Silk on Canvas, 32 x 58

I’ll be acquiring this piece by Phil Jones for the K-State School of Leadership Studies, for whom I’m art advisor.  Extraordinary institution that I’ll discuss at length another time.  This is just one work out of dozens.  Haven’t worked with Phil since doing the art for the OP Convention Center.  It’ll be a pleasure, as he’s one of the most outstanding fiber artists I know.  Great guy besides.

Santa Barbara to LA


Finished my trip with a sculpture meeting at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, then found a way to waste time in that incredible town for a full day afterward.  Sure, some people give it a hard time because of the wealth and supposed decadence, but they’re missing out on all the great old hippies who still live there–along with the younger ones who keep nonconformity alive there.


Finished my trip in LA, having dinner with Grant Swanson at some sushi joint on Ventura Blvd.  He’s a producer, and we were discussing when he might get a couple of programs for which I’ve written treatments in production.  Hard to say, but the food was great and the company better.


San Francisco Botanical Garden


Had a great meeting yesterday with the executive director of the Botanical Garden.  Sophisticated institution.  Wonderful staff.  We were discussing a sculpture exhibit for next summer, which both he and his staff seemed quite excited about.  It would be for Lyman Whitaker.  I’ll formally announce it later if it goes forward.  Would give me more time to spend in this endless city, which seems as much composed of Asia as the West.  Wouldn’t Brown Eyes be pleased–I mean if I took her. 

Odd thing though.  There’s fog every morning and you can’t get a decent dish of crab.



In Seattle for a couple of days, arranging sculpture exhibits for the spring. Used to live in Ballard when I worked on a fishing boat here. Before that, Port Angeles. Great town, but oddly it rains all the time and you can’t get a decent cup of coffee.