Ed Pennebaker Glass Install at BKD


Ed Pennebaker installed this rather large work–on a freaking travertine wall–this week at BKD.  He was ably assisted by good old Drew Summers, a sculptor who resides in Springfield.  Ed is the dude on the left.


The best part?  I didn’t have to oversee.  It’s nice to be at the point where you can delegate to people whose work and initiative you can trust. In this case, the installation had to be seamless, with no damage to the stone and a flush fit to the wall.  The boys did this flawlessly, as they always do. 


Anyway client ecstatic, which is how we like for them to be.

Fall Group Show


We held our group show Friday night for the six artists mentioned on the card.  The Star very kindly did a story on Bob Wright and his exceptional career, which started at the outset of the Korean War, then later brought him to teach painting at KU for 35 years.  Great and exceptionally talented dude. 


About 250 people turned up over the course of the evening.  Went through I-don’t-know how many gallons of wine and beer.  Very pleased at the turnout, and the results. 


I do believe everyone’s career was advanced–except mine.  The writing side, I mean.  Well, we’ll resume that when another book comes out.


Sin Nombre and Carmen


Saw Sin Nombre recently with Brown Eyes.  Extraordinary tale of a Honduran teenager and her family trying to get to America, encountering a Mexican gang member along the way who is trying to do the same–though he is being viciously pursued.  Sums up, with eloquence and brutality, what these people endure in their own countries, and why they flee north.  Were those countries better governed, they wouldn’t have to, but the 5% in power there don’t give a crap about anyone but themselves.  This flick should be the new Slumdog Millionaire, but likely won’t be as it’s just too honest.  Also it’s in Spanish.


Saw Carmen last night with the whole family.  Very well done.  I will always love this opera and ballet.  Of course poor Bizet wasn’t applauded for it until after he died, but all too often that is life in the arts. 

Paseo Academy Field Trip, Bloody Creek Ranch


Took our annual field trip with Paseo Academy artists yesterday.  Went to Bloody Creek Ranch in Chase County, deep in the Flint Hills.  Fantastic day that will, I’m sure, result in a great show for the punks come January.  Dan Coburn was one of their instructors.  The inimitable Pamela Sahl, art director for Paseo, was another.

_DSC3586 - Version 2.jpg



The temp was 38 with a biting wind, whereas a week ago it was 70.  Ay, such is life.  You find a way to forget the weather and just have fun.  Man we did.


The trip was sponsored largely by some very kind execs at Inergy.  They’re going to host the show as well.

Installation for Dan Coburn and Kim Casebeer


Installed these pieces recently in a condo on the Plaza.  Large photo by Dan and a very large oil by Kim.  We’re not quite done with the space yet, but will be soon.  Client ecstatic.  Needless to say, so are the artists. 


Nice view.  If I lived there, I’d be tempted to throw water balloons at my neighbors, and get a waterfight going on a regular basis.  No, I’ve never really grown up.  Probably never will.