Bike Ride from Lawrence to KC


Started yesterday by having breakfast with Stan Herd and Scott Richardson in Lawrence.  Stan of course is the World’s Greatest Crop Artist.  Scott is a producer who often works with Kevin Willmott, and was behind the last two films, Bunker Hill and The Only Good Indian.  Wes Studi had a role in the latter, which did well at Sundance and should be distributed later this year.

After that I met my sons for a quick bike ride into KC.  Well I don’t know if it was exactly quick, but we made the 40-mile trek in a few hours, with breaks for lunch and whatnot.   This shot is along one of the river roads.  Beautiful day with an immortal autumn sky–the kind that actually makes you feel immortal.  Of course at 52 and with grey beginning to show, I ain’t, but the fantasy’s nice.

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