Frisbee Golf Pros Hold World Championship in KC


The Professional Disc Golf Association recently held their world championship in KC.  That’s a long title for a bunch of people throwing a pie tin around.  Just kidding.  These golfers are exceptional.  I should know as one of their top players is a dude I grew up with, Steve Bowra.  Above is a shot of Bowie shooting the course at Rosedale Park.  He came in 13th out of 1000.  Now that called for a beer.  In fact several of them.

I’ll never forget when he first taught me to play the freaking game, on some course in Bowling Green, KY in 1990.  Damn he was good even then, and told me someday it would be a national sport.  I said Yeah, right.  With abundant luck I somehow beat him that day.  Hasn’t happened since though.

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