Taos, Hot Springs, and Swimming the Rio Grande


Was in Taos earlier this month.  Came in from the west over that insane Gorge, then  hiked to the hot springs at the bottom.  These are the same springs where that scene from Easy Rider was shot, when Hopper and Fonda are visiting the commune. 


After soaking for the better part of an hour, my sons challenged me to swim the Rio Grande.  I told them Sure, under condition that they follow suit.  Somehow that didn’t quite transpire, but such is life.  Buttheads.


Passed a day in Taos–the Plaza, the Pueblo, the restaurants and galleries–then took the High Road to Santa Fe, through all those great lvillages in the hills.  Stopped at a couple of Spanish churches along the way, the kind that were built before our revolution, mostly with Indian labor.  The boys were amazed that any architecture out there was so old.


What is it about New Mexico that is so mysterious?  I’ll never know.  

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