Denver, Columbine High School, Boulder, and on West


Went west a few days ago to relax for awhile.  First stop was Denver to visit friends.  My sons were restless while an old biker buddy and I worked on his house, so I told them to go to Columbine and visit the Memorial, since it was just down the street.  They did, and came back to tell me that it was a sobering experience.  I like hearing those kinds of observations from teenagers. 

We discussed the tragedy over dinner, handgun laws, and how hard it must be for the many who were affected to bear that burden each day of their lives, since you can be sure they still do–rather like young soldiers after surviving battle.  Except these were kids, and teachers, and parents in high school.


Went on to Boulder next day, checked out the campus, had sushi on the mall, and dug on the combination of hipsters and yupsters that the town is composed of.  I remember the days when it was all longhaired hipsters, but all things must pass.

Pushed further west afterward.  Had some serious hiking to do.  Man I sure do love CO.

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