Allan Chow Commission for the Kansas City Royals


Allan is wrapping up a very large oil in palette knife that will go in the Crown Club at Kauffman Stadium next week.  These shots will give you some idea of his process.  The piece is a celebration of the ’85 World Series–that golden moment which the Royals have ever since been trying to duplicate.  Maybe this year will be the year.  Well, at least the wait for their first Series win wasn’t as long as the Red Sox.

What you can’t see from the photos is how coarse the texture is, and how impressionistic the painting.  It isn’t as abstracted as his landscapes, since this is a more straightforward sort of commission, and we didn’t want to go in that direction.  Either way the Royals are ecstatic.  So is the consultant.  Good old Allan always nails it.

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