Thain Ordered to Provide Details to Cuomo About Merrill Lynch Bonuses


I love stories like this.  After all these years of watching corporate crooks get away with raping the system–the same one that made their wealth possible, and that the rest of us treat with respect–it seems that finally justice may be served.  Who knows, a few jobs might even be restored, like those that were lost to service bonuses for these overpaid jerks in the first place.  I hope Cuomo nails them to the wall.

Jerks.  A mild word for me in this instance, but I’m trying to exhibit civility.

I understand that Obama wants to proportionately tax the upper 5% of the wealthy as he works toward correcting the deficit and providing universal health care.  In other words, his approach would be like the British, French, German and Swedish systems–which work quite well.  This means that the super-rich would pay taxes on a larger portion of their income (like the rest of us), with fewer loopholes to hide behind.  Gee, almost sounds democratic.

Now what was it that Thain spent on renovating his office?  $1 million, even as Merrill Lynch was failing and he was applying for a bailout?  Consider the stupidity and sheer greed of that for a moment, and you have the entire financial crisis in a microcosm.

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