Friday Tips: Heads on Pikes for Wall Street & Merrill Lynch; Leave of Absence


Should the French method of curbing greed be employed on Wall Street?

To My Gentle Readers:

Several of you have emailed asking if I’m going to resume writing Friday Tips for Artists once a month.  I’d love to, but other things have gotten in the way:

1.  Two development projects I’m working on in LA.

2.  Several new art consulting projects.

3.  Brainstorming solutions to outwit the recession, or as one of my friends puts it, “To keep dancing between the chainsaws.”  This, of course, gets my artists work.

4.  Devising ways to get those jackasses on Wall Street, and at Merrill Lynch, to spend their taxpayer-financed bonuses here.  But as another friend puts it: “Maybe it’s time to just start lining Wall Street with heads on pikes.  Maybe then they’ll get it.”  Or as Obama puts it, their selfishness is Shameful.  Or as Senator McCaskill puts it, with exquisite Missouri directness, “These people are idiots!”  Terms like disgusting, spoiled, and greed-ridden also come to mind, since these fools are obviously indifferent to the destruction they’ve sewn and the jobs they’ve cost–but enough.

So I guess I’m off Tips for awhile.  But there are plenty of resources in my archives, and of course by other art career-advisors.  In the meantime, thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to write for you.  I trust it was worth worthwhile.



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