Paseo Academy Show at EDC of Kansas City


We took all these punks from Paseo on a field trip to Lexington last September–“we” being their art teachers and I.  Went to study the Civil War battle there, drink in a little history, a lot of fun, then see what these young artists created as a result. 


Four months later, I have to say I’m knocked out.  This is one of the best shows that any group of students I’ve worked with has yet produced.  Roughly 60 kids went, and most created two pieces each–some in 3-D. 


Their teachers, bless them, hung the show this year as I didn’t have time.  It’s being hosted by the Economic Development Council in their swank lobby, and all the works are for sale.  Each kid gets 50% if one of their works sells, the remainder going to their strapped arts program.  Did I buy any pieces?  Damn straight: three.  Were the kids proud?  I think the photos, though poorly taken, speak to that. 

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