Mountain Bikes in Lawrence and Bras Across the Kaw


Went trail-riding yesterday with my sons in Lawrence.  They’re both at university, and will take any excuse for a free brunch.  So we ate downtown then rode out to the trails.  This particular loop is 10 miles.  A lot of ups and downs.  We caught air a few times, but stupidly I didn’t take pictures.  Anyway I was easy on them.  The next time they’ll have to follow my lead.  Punks.


On the way back into town we crossed the Kaw just above the old Bowersock Dam.  A series of bras–several 100 in fact–were strung across both bridges.  Bras Across the Kaw.  Why?  Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Ladies, don’t neglect the mammograms.


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