Allan Chow Show Tonight


Midday in Napa, Palette Knife in Oil, Allan Chow 

Have an opening tonight for Allan.  Expecting a crowd.  Why?  He’s an exceptional painter, and art is a great investment–even  in times of market reverses. 

These are challenging times, but the nation will get through it.  All it takes is determination, wise choices, and a refusal to panic.  It’s a wakeup call, and probably a necessary one.  After the dust has settled, maybe there will be less preoccupation with Britney and Paris, and more with mundane things like equal education, a sane health care system, and a means of everyone sharing in the prosperity instead of just a select, avaricious few.  It’s a democracy.  We’re all supposed to benefit, not only the super-rich.  I hope we can get back to those principles now.  That’s what the struggles of The Depression, and World War II, were about.

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