BCA Award for H&R Block

Block Photo.jpg

The Business Committee for the Arts, based in NY, has ranked Block among the top 10 American companies for support of the arts.  This is in recognition of several Block endeavors, including the Art Program I designed for them, with the resulting impact it had on the regional scene.  Had they not funded it, both local artists and the city would have missed a grand opportunity.  Fortunately, corps are increasingly recognizing the profound impact that programs like this can have–especially when you go about it with an open mind, and about three tons of elbow grease.

Well it’s nice when your work gets recognized.  Upshot?  Black-tie dinner in NY.  Yeah, I’ve got a lot of black ties lying around.  Well, looks like I’ll have to head to Macy’s and buy one.  Do they go with jeans?

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