William Lobdell’s “Flatiron”

flt irn.JPG

Good old William Lobdell recently did a sculpture of the Flatiron Building.  It’s made of gatorboard, wood, acrylic paint and found objects.  Typical of the wonder of his pieces, it only projects out from the wall about 5″.

flat iorn bldg.JPG

Why would a Midwestern artist do an interpretation of an iconic New York building?  Simple: that’s an easy way to get the attention of New York galleries, where I want to see William placed eventually.  I mean the art critic for the New York Sun contacted us last winter inquiring about him, and was obviously impressed.  All we’re doing now is building up for William’s NY debut.  Should be soon.

Note how he looks a bit like Richard Gere in this picture?  Yeah, well most of my artists are secretly aspiring actors.  Hollywood’s a fallback plan–with a tan.

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