Went mountain-biking earlier this week in Moab.  Slick Rock Trail.  100-degree heat.  All up and down for 10 miles, with the occasional sandtrap, or rattler skittling out of the way.  Hardest bloody trail I’ve ever ridden.  By the time we finished, my sons and I were done in.  In fact my younger one got disoriented at the end, took a wrong turn, and we had to back out into the desert after him.  It took a couple of miles to find him, which I don’t mind telling you was more than a little worrying for me.  Man, we rode fast and hard in that search.  What a relief when I finally rounded a cliff and saw him down in a valley.  He was almost out of water and beginning to wonder what had gone wrong. 


That sort of thing can happen easily in the desert, but all wound up well.  It made everyone closer, as it tested our endurance.

What does this have to do with creating art?  Nothing.  But it has everything to do with staying inspired.

Denver tomorrow, and my seminar at Meininger’s.  Looking forward to that gig.

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