Rafting the Rio Grande / Business in Santa Fe


Went whitewater rafting Sunday on the Rio Grande with my sister Robin, her husband Dan, and my own troop.  We put in well below Taos, where the water was fairly high.  In some areas Stage 3, others Stage 4, then rather placid after.  Brown Eyes got bounced into the drink in one of the rough sections.  I jumped out to help her back in.  Captain Dan, who’s an expert raftsman, said I wasn’t supposed to do that.  I was thinking Like hell I’m not, though of course he was right.  Anyway it allowed her to improve upon her swimming technique.

She and our sons loved it: sunburned, wet, exhausted at the end from all the paddling.  Damned good day. 

Did business in Santa Fe for two of my artists a couple of days after.  Went very well.  Details later.

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