William Lobdell, the New York Sun, and Wayne Thiebaud

flt irn.JPG 

Flat Iron, 5′ x 2′ x 5″, Acrylic and Gatorboard, William Lobdell

Last fall an art critic for the New York Sun wrote me, wanting to know if William Lobdell had influenced Wayne Thiebaud’s paintings of San Francisco.  I told her that since William was 40 and Thiebaud 88, probably not.  She was impressed with his work anyway, which made me realize it was time to help William get a New York show. 

So I encouraged him to begin interpreting structures of New York.  The first one is above.  I’ll help him get a NY gallery soon.  The critic?  We’ll let her know when the show is on.

flat iorn bldg.JPG

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