Friday Tips: Changing Format

Dear Friday Tipsters:

Well things have begun to happen rapidly for me, not just at the gallery but also in my writing career.  Hence, as of today I’m going revert to writing Friday Tips every 4th Friday of each month.  If you wish to remain signed up, that’s fine.  In the fall, as my new book approaches publication, I’ll begin to run excerpts from it as well.

But for now, with projects in LA and Kansas City, and development prospects of a TV concept I’ve written, along with finishing the new book, I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me–and still have to find time for family.

So I’ll write my next Friday Tips at the end of March.  Between now and then, I’ll post the occasional observation or bit of nonsense that might prove worthwhile.

Best of luck to you each in the meantime.


6 thoughts on “Friday Tips: Changing Format

  1. Well I’ll certainly miss you in my email box, but I can’t wait to get the new book. Your writing career certainly deserves to take off!

  2. Thanks to both of you. I’ll continue to post topics that I feel are helpful, just not as often. But if anyone ever has a question they’d like answered online, hit me with it.

  3. A new book on Art, or fiction or what?! Don’t dangle these tidbits without a little more info.! Seriously, we wish you a gratifying experience and hope you are not asked for re-writes. Thank you for your kind mention of my work in the Blog. Sounds like our cup of coffee togeather might be sometime in the summer, I look forward to it. Best to Annie, Scott

  4. S: Non-fiction, though some may brand it otherwise. Happy to post the work; be happier when I sell it. Coffee soon enough, when I get back from CA. Best,

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