Close Call from the Flu

Ten days ago one of my sisters was hospitalized with the flu, which nearly resulted in her passing.  She’s fine now, but for a week it was very, very close.  What a relief.

So if any of you get the current strain of flu that’s knocking so many people out, please take care to not overtax yourself.  This thing’s nothing to mess with.

6 thoughts on “Close Call from the Flu

  1. Thanks. I only mention it because she didn’t take it seriously at first, allowed complications to set in, and bam, I was almost robbed of the pleasure of teasing her for another 30 years. A week ago we were all deeply worried. She was unconscious for several days. Man, don’t want to go through that again.

  2. Hi:

    I am so glad she’s better – and I bet that was a very scary ordeal! For my own health, I have been taking that Airborne type of vit-c and zinc pretty regularly in case it helps to fend anything off, because I have heard before that high doses of vit-c act as an anti-viral and can kill off attacking viruses. Best wishes for everyone’s good health!

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