Erin Holliday’s Show, Arkansas Artists

Erin 1.JPG

Top photo shows Erin Holliday’s installation at Jim Leedy’s Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, in their Vault Gallery.  Erin works primarily with florescent light, incorporating glass as well as acrylic.  The title of the show is, of course, Clearly. She’s also Director of the Mattie Rhodes Art Center on the West Side.

Erin 2.JPG

Middle shot shows Erin with a couple of artists from Hot Springs: Michael Shaeffer and Christopher Baber.  They  executed the enormous, and brilliant, mixed media painting: I Don’t Want the World, Only Your Half.  In fact several AR artists were present.  Why in KC?  Well Erin’s from Hot Springs, and I think feels partial to her roots.  That’s why she runs around barefoot half the time. IMG_2600.JPG

Now now, my kin are from the Ozarks. I can make those jokes.

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