Phil Epp’s “Blue Sky Project”

100_1269 (2).jpg

I’d love to tell you that I got Phil Epp this commission, but he got it on his own.  It’s in Newton, goes by the above title, and is made of fired tile.  The sculptor Terry Corbett did the figurative pieces, in stoneware.  Very nice against a night sky.  Huge also.  About the same size as the one we did in Olathe.

Star Story on Show for Teenage Artists


Charles and Zac in the Flint Hills.  Photo by Allen Chow.

We’re hosting an opening this Friday for 40 artists from Paseo Academy and Pembroke Academy.  The KC Star was kind enough to do a story on the gig, which you’ll find Here.  Above, one of my favorite kids receiving instruction from the painter Zac Barnes.  This was during our Sept field trip to the Flint Hills.

Expect to see a couple of hundred people on Fri.  Am sure the energy will be high.  Few things better than trying to make a difference in a young life.  About 15 adults collaborated on bringing this together, including teachers from both schools.  I already can sense that it will be a great success. 

Glass-Blowing Lessons for Sumner Academy Kids

 Last week these young artists–otherwise known by me as Punks–received instruction in blowing glass at Tom Bloyd’s studio.  They’re from Sumner Academy in KCK, and in one of my mentoring programs.  University of Kansas Hospital footed the bill, Tom and Janine Daniels instructed, I coordinated.  Kids were really juiced; each blew their own paperweight–not bad for the first time out.  Maybe they aren’t such punks after all. 

 Andrew Reyes.jpg




Later I met them for lunch at Block and took them on a tour.  Note how they’re drinking in the art.  Still later they’ll receive painting instruction from Richard Raney.  It will all result in a proper gallery opening for the Punks in Jan. 


Rainy Day Books Event Tonight with Michael Pritchett

Michael’s book, The Melancholy Fate of Captain Lewis, was Reviewed in the Star this past Sunday by Jeffrey Ann Goudie.  Should lead to a good crowd.

The reading begins tonight at 7:00.  Yeah, we’re serving wine and cheese.  It’s the least we can do for Rainy Day, Michael and Unbridled Books.  Well actually they’re paying for it, so I guess we ain’t doing much.