Fiber by Annie Helmericks-Louder

Quilted piece by Annie Helmericks-Louder, who lives in central Missouri.  No that isn’t she holding it up but one of my assistants–Susan.  Sorry to have obscured her face but Susan’s a great gal, take my word for it. 


This work, which recently went home with an ecstatic collector, is part of Annie’s Dining Out series.  University of Kansas Hospital also bought two from the series.  That closes it out, but Annie will think of something else.  Anyway, I like the bright tones and the use of both quilting and applique.  Being a bumbling man when it comes to needle and thread, this skill never ceases to astound me.

3 thoughts on “Fiber by Annie Helmericks-Louder

  1. That’s a wonder piece. It does my heart good to see that you include fiber art in your gallery and that you have a personal appreciation and respect for this medium.

  2. Nellie: Well how could I not? She’s brilliant, and anyway fiber artists never gets a fair shake. Maybe dealers like myself can make a slight difference with that.

  3. Feel the same as Nellie. Love to see the fiber arts recognized. There are a few that really can compete with the likes of traditional painters. I too do something similar, but often avoid the term ‘fiber art’ in favor of the vaguer, more emcompasing ‘art’ label as people’s faces drop if they know you’re about to bore them with some crafty, amateurish, fiber stuff. Anyway, hats off to Annie. Loved it…and her efforts amongst the fray.

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