Football and Morning Glory Seeds



Traditional football game yesterday with my sons and some of their friends.  We’ll play a lot of games between now and New Years.  Punks.  I used to run through them like a knife through margerine.  Now they have the audacity to tackle me on a regular basis. 

One of the boys wasn’t able to join us.  Seems he recently got busted by his folks for eating morning glory seeds, I guess in the hope of a minor halucanigenic experience.  Man, we couldn’t quit laughing over that one.  He’s actually a very good kid, so this was out of character.  But it reminded me of all the kids who tried the same thing back in the 70s–sprinkling those seeds on their hamburgers, I suspect with the same disappointing result.  I told the stories yesterday while all the boys howled.

Damned good game either way.

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