Showtime II: Opening for Paseo and Pembroke Kids

Dear Friday Tipsters:  

I know, I’m supposed to lay off until January.  But this story, which I posted last week, I feel is worth sending out.  These shots are from our opening for the young artists from Paseo Academy and Pembroke Hill Academy.  They’re enrolled in one of our mentoring programs, an undertaking that gives me immense satisfaction.



We went through about 250 bodies during the show.  I think the smiles on the kids’ faces, most of whom sold work, tell the story adequately.  They’re posing by their works, naturally.




Below is a shot of the committee who helped pull this complex undertaking together: Field Trip for the kids, time spent with professional artists, show at the gallery, sales, monies for both the Nature Conservancy and the young artists, etc.  Without this committee, the project would fail.  Photo by the inestimable Jonathan Chester, far right.  Don’t know the dufus lying on the floor.


4 thoughts on “Showtime II: Opening for Paseo and Pembroke Kids

  1. Paul, Wow….yes this does deserve attention and I’m so happy that it brought smiles and more importantly, an sense of encouragement and accomplishment to these young people with great potential and growing talent
    I always read your blogs and haven’t posted before but want to say thanks to you as well as your blog has taught me lots about ….art, my art, promoting my art and learning the business aspects.
    My exciting news is that my daughters significant other is making me a website complete with paypal to show and sell and offer commissions.
    Thanks to you I am moving forward

  2. Junomary:

    Congratulations on the website. When laid out well and easy to navigate, they can indeed bring benefits.

    Glad you enjoyed the post about the kids. I adore them. But without the joint efforts of everyone on the committee, it really wouldn’t have much impact. It’s by working together that we’re able to make it happen.



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