Showtime: Opening for Paseo and Pembroke Kids

These shots are from the Friday night opening for the young artists from Paseo Academy and Pembroke Hill Academy.  As many of you know, they’re part of one of our mentoring programs.  Went through about 250 people tonight.  I think the smiles on the kids’ faces, most of whom sold work, tell the story adequately.  They’re posing by their works, naturally.






4 thoughts on “Showtime: Opening for Paseo and Pembroke Kids

  1. The exhibition looks great. It makes such a difference to offer a professional setting to showcase their art. In few years, some of them will look back at this as a key turning point. And you made it possible. Congratulation.

  2. Thanks to you both. Working with great kids like these rascals often reminds me how unimportant I am, as well as my aspirations. Far more important is making a difference in someone else’s life. Oddly, that sometimes opens doors in one’s own.

  3. I just want you to know that I think you did a terrific job on this websight.

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