Friday Tips: End of Summer

Dear Readers:

It’s Labor Day weekend, hence the end of summer.  So in honor of all my working-class ancestors–miners, seamstresses, farmers, and a couple of bootleggers–I’m taking the weekend off.  In honor of yours too.  I’ll probably hoist my share of bourbons in the process, theoretically in memory of the bootleggers, or anyway that’s my excuse.  I hope you’re able to take the weekend off as well.  It’s a good time to celebrate the generations who sacrificed before we came along, including all those generations of struggling artists. 

Next Friday I’ll discuss the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, why they acquired a piece by one of my sculptors, and how we did this.



2 thoughts on “Friday Tips: End of Summer

  1. Hi:

    When I was able to go the museum about a year about to see the nice “Americans in Paris” exhibit, it was great! If I get a chance to go back, I would definitely check out the piece. That is really great news, too, and I am so happy for you guys! Yea! :)

  2. Yeah, he’s still in the clouds. These were the sorts of goals we set out to achieve for regional artists when I opened, back in ’91. It’s nice that it’s all finally unfolding. Had we given up–and many times we considered it–none of this would be happening.

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