Jeremy Collins, His New Studio & El Capitan


Dropped by Jeremy Collins’ new studio the other day on my way downtown.  That’s he looking thoughtful, as if pondering the next 20 canvases.  He’s moved to a great old building that Hallmark used to own.  Now Signature Canvas has most of it, renting out a few studios here and there.  Big windows, great view of the city, north light.  What more could you ask for?  Free martinis.


Born of Soul, Bloomed in Mind, Acrylic on Canvas, Jeremy Collins

Not only is Jeremy a great painter, he’s the best rock climber I know.  Certainly better than I, a rank amateur (damn his eyes).  He climbed El Capitan with one of his buddies a few years back, I think in something like 27 hours.  Man, I could do it maybe in two days–up the back route.   

2 thoughts on “Jeremy Collins, His New Studio & El Capitan

  1. Climbing is a lot like painting… a passionate struggle, a lot of sweat, smiles, and always better when you’re finished. However, the journey is also the destination. Funny that way.

    Maybe I’ll have a mini bar next time you visit, but I am looking forward to free martinis at the UKH opening next month.

  2. Climbing is a lot like falling, except with a rope.

    Martinis? Well usually we offer cheap wine, but in your case the real thing will suffice: stirred not shaken.

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