Riding the Bottoms with Allan Chow





Last Saturday Allan Chow and I met up at the River Market, tossed back a couple of espressos, and unloaded the mountain bikes.  With cameras in tow, I wanted to show him angles of the skyline, the old bridges, and the rivers that he’d never seen before, and that you can only see by bike.  This is in preparation for his October show.

So we started in the East Bottoms along the levee, then gradually headed into the West Bottoms, cruising along railroad tracks, through brush and junkyards and across abandoned bridges.  Also past the occasional and bewildered hobo.  Did about 12 miles all told.  Did we have to trespass to see all we wanted to?  Well, maybe.

Allan came away inspired and with great sketches and shots.  A damned good morning.

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