Eureka Springs and Hell’s Angels





Went to Eureka Springs, AR last weekend, one of my favorite nonconformist towns. The art scene’s active, it’s a good place to write, and a damn good place to swim. While there my sons chatted with a sculptor’s “nuns,” we hung out at our favorite swimming hole, and later our favorite pool. I wrote 9000 words on the new book, mostly in coffee shops, and we dug on the restaurants each evening. Ermillio’s on Sat night.

The Hells Angels held some kind of convention there. 400 bikers, mostly old dudes with gray-haired ponytails and a peaceful manner. But it didn’t stay that way. On Sunday a Fight broke out among some of the younger bikers, and three were stabbed. Very rare for Eureka. I suspect it will be a long time before the Angels are allowed back.

Some people are drawn to violence in this life, almost made for it, and that’s their biz.  Me?  I seen enough violence to last a lifetime.  I prefer to be drawn to love.

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