Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Artists, & The Business World

I was asked this year to help select artists who would create works for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award dinner, which is attended by about 1000.  There will be a silent auction to benefit the program.  In guiding that, I’ll set the minimum bids, then ensure that each artist receives their usual percentage from works sold.  The committee are ecstatic with the pieces, and variety of media.  I’ve tried hard to create a balance between gender and races.  I know that sounds PC, but there’s a reason for PC. 

Why do I work with the business community so extensively?  Because while private collectors are important, once you get the business community to participate actively in the arts, and make the arts a regular part of their functions, this will rapidly increase involvement.  It will also prove encouraging to private collectors–both novices and veterans.

So no matter what size the city you live in, and no matter where it’s located, please try to act on this.  It’s one of those myriad of little things that helps extend the Renaissance we’re currently enjoying. 

What artists are participating?  Too soon to discuss that.  Would ruin the surprise.

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  1. Hi:

    I am glad that you are able to partipate and represent artists on an equal playing field. Nothing is better than that, and I hope you and the artists involved create wonderful works for this. :)

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