My Son’s Movie

Here’s the trailer for my oldest son’s independent film, Between Blood & Virtue.  It’s posted on You Tube, I believe.  He’s still working on completing the film itself, but a trailer is a very good start.  I couldn’t help posting it.  Please bear in mind, he and his friends made this at age 18.

9 thoughts on “My Son’s Movie

  1. Looking forward to seeing the film; great trailer! Strong bold graphics, and the filming is interesting and engaging — the scenes are set up like “still-lifes”. Very good eye on the part of the director, I want to see more!!

  2. Freaking incredible! Spielberg, Scorcese, LOOK OUT!!! Can’t wait to see the full feature.

  3. All right, let’s not get carried away here. I know he’s more talented than the Old Man, but no one needs to rub it in.

  4. Nice work, the trailer\’s incredible; anxious to see the actual movie. Very cool to see talented young  maniacs putting their energy to such creative use. Best of luck! 

    Oh yeah: he is more gifted than the Old Man–that is if the Old Man\’s gifted. 

  5. Thought the graphics and film clips were enticing with the dark and mysterious film footage. This young film maker shows promise.  I don\’t quite get the storyline, but I suppose you rarely do from trailers–especially when they\’re made by teenagers. 

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