Crap, I’m 50


Turned 50 this week.  A friend who beat me to it, good old Jeff Novack, said, “Don’t worry, man.  The trade-off in wisdom gained is worth the gradual loss of youth.”

Yeah, well I don’t doubt the wisdom part applies to Jeffrey.  Ain’t so sure about me.

Maybe I can pull off that eternal youth thing, like George Bernard Shaw above.  But he’s got two things on me already: vegetarian and he didn’t drink.  Well three actually: he was also a genius.

2 thoughts on “Crap, I’m 50

  1. Happy birthday Paul. I used to think 50 was so old; it’s a little disconcerting that I don’t think that way anymore ;)

    Keep surfing; I reckon there’s something in the salt water that keeps some of those old surfers young!

  2. Thanks, Triecia. Actually I started thinking that way a year ago, in preparation for now. Aim to remain part teenager for the rest of the ride. When the body ceases to work so well? Just arrange a bike wreck at 100. I feel that’s honorable.

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