Done Deal in Vegas



I closed the deal with the Vegas gallery this morning.  It’s owned by a dealer from LA.  The gallery’s located in Caesar’s Palace.  They seem anxious to get the Regier work in.  Think it will go very well.  I can tell they’re people of integrity. 

Did I walk into their space cold?  Of course not.  I’ve been preparing them for several weeks for my visit, gradually building credibility, until this morning was little more than an espresso and a handshake.  In fact they asked me to stick around and meet a few people, but I was in a hurry to get my family from the Luxor, and get down to the Mojave to do some serious hiking.  What?  Leave a town of tinsel and fantasy to go hike among sand, rock and Gila Monsters in 105 degree heat?  You bet.

LA and Rodeo Drive next.  My kids haven’t seen LA since they were 9 and 11.  This will be an education, especially since they’re now mature enough to appreciate the city at a deeper level–both the sleek aspects, and the warts beneath the surface.

Top photo: the fountains at The Bellagio, just like the end of Ocean’s 11.  Bottom photo: some dufus at The Luxor. 

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