Journey to the Southwest / Art Business in Vegas



Though I’m due in San Francisco in 9 days, we started the trip going southwest.  First shot shows the train stopped at Raton, NM, just below the fabled Raton Pass.  Second shot shows the teenage punks in the lounge car as we approach the Painted Desert in AZ.  They’re talking, inevitiably, of romance.  Actually a romance already blossomed on this trip between the oldest one and a girl headed home.  I’ll say no more beyond that.

I’m nuts about traveling by train, especially taking the Santa Fe road out of Union Station, watching as low prairie is replaced by high prairie, then the foothills, then the mountains, then the long expanse of the desert all the way to Flagstaff.  We’re in Flag now; art business in Las Vegas tomorrow.  Yeah, it’s a vulgar town dominated by a shallow art scene–which is what I call fertile territory for art of real caliber.

2 thoughts on “Journey to the Southwest / Art Business in Vegas

  1. Looks like a good time, Paul. It would be so nice to see such a variety of places, and have time to stop and take it in, or at least get a good look at it through the window before you’ve passed.

    Next week I’ll hop couple planes back east to CNY, rushing and fretting all the way I’m sure. I’ll spend a few days reuniting with family and friends, trying to get back into the sarcastic and affectionately rude jive of the place, before returning to KC.

    I’ll bet you return a lot more relaxed and rejuvenated than I do, yet you’re traveling for work!

  2. Lacey: I sympathize. Too many trips I’ve had to make like that in the past, especially on the book tour. This one is where I pretend it’s business but it’s really all pleasure. Well, I’m ready.

    Have a good trip back east. NY is always cool, even with the sarcasm.

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