Seminar at Pacific Art League


I’ll be teaching another all-day Boot Camp for Artists on Saturday, 6/30, at the Pacific Art League.  Spoke there on the book tour.  Great people, great place.  Downtown Palo Alto, just off the main drag.  Look forward to going back, not that I ever need much of an excuse for going to San Francisco.  

Afterward, my sons and I will take surfing lessons in Santa Cruz while my wife watches from the safety of the beach (weenie).  I already know the boys will do well on the boards.  Me?  I’ll likely spend a lot of time falling off, getting back on, falling off…  Kind of like the challenges of life itself.

4 thoughts on “Seminar at Pacific Art League

  1. I live in a family of surfers, so I have had the obligatory lesson or two from the surf addicted hubby. What amazed me, no hang on there – what TERRIFIED me, was just how fast those boards can go even on the little bubsy waves. So give me a stick of charcoal and a sketchpad and I’ll happily do the surf chick thing sitting on the beach watching my man. Yeah I’m a wimp I know – it’s ok I’m cool with that ;)
    Have fun!

  2. Well, I might wind up a weenie too before the whole thing’s over. I’ll know soon enough. Either way, you and my wife (Annie) can keep each other company.

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