Baseball With Teenagers / Dope Counseling / Quiet Day


This will be a good day.  Coffee alone in the morning, working on a new book that I just finished plotting last night, as my wife and I walked along Avenue of the Arts, plotting it together before going down to the Savoy for a drink.  Brunch with my family today after the writing is done. 

A baseball game later with a flock of teenagers, most of whom are in college now, all of whom are great, but a couple of them have begun drinking heavily and smoking dope.  Why do I make sure those few come to the game?  Because I respect all of them, as they respect me, and when I’m not making wise cracks between plays, they sense how I care for them.  They know I always have.  So if their conditions worsen, perhaps they’ll remember that they can always talk to me straight up, that I saw all that same crap in the 70s, and maybe learned a thing or two.  That’s one reason we’ve played so many games over the years: just so we can talk.

Afterward, Roller Blading for miles along my favorite bike path in the country, above.  It parallels the old Santa Fe.  And finally after that, a walk on The Plaza with my family sipping iced coffees.  Dinner later.  They cook; I don’t.  Man I do love Father’s Day.  Especially the finale. 

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