John Northington and His Sculpted Concrete



One of my clients, a developer, is in the process of finishing a swank little shopping center in south Johnson County–which around here is akin to Orange County, Westchester County, or NW Chicago in terms of income.  The center is pretty sleek, as are the surroundings, so I felt something rather jagged would provide nice contrast.  I recommended the work of good old John Northington, and my client fell in love with it.

So yesterday evening I went to John’s house and studio, which is far over on the East Side, in an industrial valley that is adjacent to a very rough ghetto.  But John and his wife, Sally, never seem to have any trouble.  They just sculpt, and apparently live a full life.  The piece I’m leaning toward is the tall one with the glass inserts.  Think it will be a perfect fit. He worked very hard on this: textured the concrete with a jackhammer.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any shots of John, Sally or their dog.  I will at the install.  He went to the Art Institute, and is one helluva guy.

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